• How is KITA more beneficial to me than other renowned serum or moisturisers?  

    Not only does KITA perform to the highest levels as both a serum and a moisturiser, when you use the product formulated for your element it rebalances your energy for the ultimate radiant complexion.

  • Is KITA more a serum or a moisturiser?  

    KITA combines the powerful actives of a serum and the deep hydration of a moisturiser. It has been designed to be highly effective on its own or to work alongside other skincare regimes, to add balance, wellbeing and glowing beauty.

  • Are the ingredients tested for efficacy?  

    Every ingredient within the KITA blend is tested to the rigorous standards of the cosmetic industry and each makes a potent contribution to revitalising your skin. KITA’s Life Infusion Sequence™ follows a meticulous process, ensuring that each ingredient is aligned with the body’s energy to work both singularly and in synergy with the other ingredients.

  • Can I apply KITA Moisturising Serum Complex without following the KITA Balancing Sequence?  

    Yes, the balancing sequences have been created to enhance the overall experience and balancing effect. Each product has been formulated and designed to be effective when used alone.

  • Can I use KITA Moisturising Serum Complex as part of my current beauty regime?  

    Yes, the KITA Moisturising Serum Complex will work alongside any current beauty regime just as similar high-quality serums would. We recommend applying it twice daily and whenever you may need to revive and replenish your complexion.

  • Does KITA Moisturising Serum Complex have anti-ageing properties?  

    Our specially selected ingredients include anti-oxidants protections, minerals, vitamins and nutrients that focus on stimulating natural cellular renewal for a rejuvenating effect.

  • Can I use a Moisturising Serum Complex that is not for my element?  

    All Moisturising Serum Complexes contain our Active Base Blend, which is designed to deliver radiance, hydration and anti-oxidant protection to all skin types. However we highly recommend using the product that is designed for your dominant element so you enjoy enhanced results.

  • How can you determine my dominant element?  

    Your dominant element is determined by a sophisticated online calculation, which is inspired by the same practices as those used in Feng Shui. The calculations we use are those used by Chiara’s father, Dr Michele Vania, who is a leading expert in bio-resonance therapy.

  • Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?  

    Many customers with sensitive skin have enjoyed using our products, but if you have reason to be particularly concerned, do try a small amount first on your hand, just as you would when trying any new skincare product.

  • Where are the products made?  

    KITA HQ is based in Central London. The products have all been formulated, tested and designed here by highly trained specialists.